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UPDATE JANUARY 2020:  Our latest international family 4WD expedition is nearing its end in England.  This means we've completed our solo crossings of Mongolia's Gobi Desert, Kazakhstan's Charyn Canyon, Kyrgyzstan's Kel SuuTajikistan's 7,500 metre high Pamirs and so much more!  More recently we navigated Uzbekistan's deserts in search of long forgotten fortresses (more than 2,000 years old and still standing!).  All this means that right now the 'Our Blog' page is filled with incredible images and stories that are definitely worth checking out!

Join us - Aaron, Sylwia, Marcel (11), Anastazja (6) and Kornelia (4) - as we embark on 4wd overland adventures around the World.  From the edge of the Sahara Desert in Morocco to vast forests in Romania, through remote mountain villages in Albania, wild river valleys in New Zealand, or retracing ancient silk routes across Central Asia.  We equally enjoy exploring remote wilderness areas as we do soaking up the atmosphere in vibrant and often chaotic cities found in developing countries. I hope that something here will motivate or inspire.


This website was launched to coincide with our plans to drive our 4wd right across Central Asia in 2019/2020, commencing May 2019.  From the Russian Far East to the Caspian Sea, and ultimately on to England.  Whilst this will be our biggest undertaking to date, we are not new to 4wd overlanding through foreign lands - with kids!  We have previously travelled on and off-road through numerous countries between North Africa, East & West Europe, the Balkans and New Zealand, all with the same extensively prepared 4wd vehicle.  

We've spent the past three years in New Zealand, where we greatly enjoyed exploring the stunning wilderness that is New Zealand's South Island.  Despite this our feet got itchy...again.  The only obvious remedies were a really good athletes foot cream, or ship the 4wd to Russia.  We chose Russia!  (But if it is just athletes foot, there will be pharmacies in Central Asia too).


No doubt not everything will go to plan as we make our way across Russia, Mongolia, the majority of countries that end with ".....stan" and many more mysterious places beyond the Caspian Sea.  This just goes with the territory on a trip such as this.  But whatever happens, this website will capture it all - in words, in images and by way of a series of videos that I will produce as we travel. 


We look forward to you following along with us!  Subscribe at the bottom of any page to be notified when new posts are added to the blog on this site.  This site also contains ample information pertaining to our past adventures, how we got started in 4wd overland travel, the buildup of our 4wd vehicle and more.


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