Frequently Asked Questions


But can't you guys just stay home - maybe go to the mall more?  


We are a 'free range family'.  What more can I say.  


Help!  I did leave this until I retired.  Is it too late for me?

Not really!  Actually, you're likely the ideal demographic for a tour business I'm contemplating introducing.  We've noticed that the old school generation, especially Kiwi's, are a fair bit tougher and more adventurous than some of the younger generation.  If you're an old school Kiwi you're likely good to go - you may already have a 4wd and know how to use it.  If not, then feel free to contact me for advice on what 4wd to buy and what modifications it really needs.  

But I wouldn't know the way to Europe from the Russian Far East.  Is it left, right then straight, or right, straight then...?

Don't worry.  I'll take you.  Yes, when this coronavirus stuff is finally all dealt with I'll be offering survivors a really cool trip through Central Asia.  Stay tuned, or get in touch now if you want to have a high level discussion about what it involves.  Or perhaps you'd like to be involved in designing something bespoke. 

I'm especially keen to hear from someone with a vehicle they're not overly attached to.  There are landmines in some areas and I need a volunteer willing to go first.  30% discount off your tour fees... just kidding!