Can you picture yourself travelling by 4wd across Central Asia?!

You've been following my family's epic journey, but how would you like to embark on your own self-drive 4wd journey across Central Asia?

Maybe you have a 4wd vehicle and love the idea of a trip like this, but wouldn't feel confident going it alone.  I can readily understand if you wouldn't know where to start with obtaining visa's, shipping your vehicle, foreign languages, or potentially having to deal with corrupt Police, or armed border guards at remote checkpoints.  Over the last few years, as we explored 40 countries between North Africa, Europe, the Balkans and now right across Central Asia, I have had to repeatedly face the kinds of bureaucracy and other issues that would understandably deter many people from going it alone.  And through that process I've acquired an incredible amount of first-hand knowledge of how to make a success of this kind of world travel.

Right now Central Asia is finally ripe for exploration, and a 4wd is the perfect way to explore this fascinating world region.  Just a few years ago many of these countries were closed off to outsiders, but finally most of them (perhaps not Turkmenistan) have recognised the value to their economies of developing inbound tourism.  Central Asia is now ready to welcome you and it's the right time to visit!  Central Asia is not yet a mainstream tourist destination and many of the countries are poor by Western standards, but ever so culturally rich in ways simply not able to be appreciated .  by seeing it now you're getting in at grass roots level and seeing it as it really is.  

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