Can you picture yourself driving a 4wd across Central Asia?!

You've been following my family's epic journey across Central Asia... but could you picture yourself behind the wheel of a 4wd, undertaking your own Central Asia expedition? 

Central Asia is finally ripe for exploring, and a 4wd is the right tool for exploring these developing countries with still poor infrastructure.  Most countries in this region are finally opening up to tourism and in my view there's never been a better time to visit.  

A unique opportunity to particpate in a guided self-drive 4wd trip across Central Asia

Let me get direct to the point - I'm seeking to assess demand for a guided Central Asia trip, whereby all the complexities of the trip are handled for participants.  The basic premise is that participants would be getting much more than just a guide (i.e. me!) across Central Asia. 


What's included:


  • Ample assistance with obtaining all needed country visas, Russian letters of invitation and any border zone permits that may be needed.

  • Vehicle shipment, insurances and customs clearance to/from relevant ports in Vladivostok and London.

  • All accommodations, including luxury hotels where practicable.  It would be unrealistic to expect to go from Hilton to Hilton on a 4wd expedition across Central Asia, but where 'Hiltons' (or other quality hotels) are available we'll use them; this because a little bit of luxury from time to time offers a welcome reprieve after time spent traversing rough, hot and dusty sections, where only modest accommodations will be possible.   

  • Some group dinners, sightseeing tours etc will be included in the final package price.

  • Full daily guidance during the trip itself.  You will drive as part of a convoy that travels together and communicates by radio.  Less experienced participants will find border crossings and any military checkpoints less daunting in a group.

  • Assistance with ensuring your specific 4wd is adequately prepared for the trip 

What's not included:

  • Fuel

  • Vehicle repair & maintenance costs for your own 4wd

  • Food, other than breakfasts provided with accommodations and some group dinners.  

  • Airline flights

Whether this sounds of interest or not, I invite you to please complete the following quick poll.