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Gobi Desert - Part 1

This brief post is to announce that a new video is now online. Obviously, it's a must see! The Gobi Desert was always going to be one of the highlights from our 2019 Central Asia trip. Originally I planned to produce just one video from the Gobi Desert, but there's a great deal of interest down this way, hence I've decided to produce the video in two parts in order to keep them short. Part 1 is now available to view below, or to straight to the video now click here.

Briefly, thus far our passage down into the Gobi has been beautiful, unique and with the interesting areas shown in the video. It's also hot, dusty and very dry down here. We do miss the rivers we swum in on our route through the North East, but there will be more of those when we finally head north again from the Gobi. The Pajero is taking a hammering at times, with some of the tracks featuring the worst corrugations we've experienced, but the vehicle is prepared extensively for these conditions. At other times the going is fast and easy, such as when we can cruise at 80km/hr over a dry lake bed (I am aware care is needed to avoid falling through some crusted surfaces, which could have water trapped beneath!).

Where are we now and what's next?

I'm writing this from Dalanzadgad, a reasonable size town (population <20,000) deep in Mongolia's south. Today we're headed for the Yolin Am Ice Field. Later in the week we'll explore the Khongoryn Els; an impressive sand-sea that I expect will prove a highlight from our time in the Gobi Desert.

I should have time to put together a fuller blog post once we've completed our full tour through the Gobi, and of course there's the 'Part 2' video still to come.

Please see the new video here on my YouTube channel, or just watch below.

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